Ways of Working- Low cost computing

9 February 2015

This week Rob talked rather hoarsely about cutting NFP computing costs by:

  • Using Ubuntu as your OS for free
  • Buying Microsoft Office or WIndows through techsoup.org.nz for discounts that can be more than 90%
  • Re-invigorating old computers with an SSD (a fast hard drive) or a low resource OS like Lubuntu – adding memory can improve speeds too.
  • Using a free Office suite like LibreOffice or WPS Office
  • Buying refurbished PCs rather than new ones – Techsoup is a good place to visit for this too.
  • Making sure you are in charge of your website and that your annual hosting bill is under $200

Music was Norwegian Wood (This Bird has Flown) by Cornershop, Speeding Motorcycle by Yo La Tengo, Wilco (The Song) by Wilco and more Yo La Tengo with Can’t Forget.

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WOW 12 January 2015: The Coming Year

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We’ll add a link to the Ways of Working podcast when it becomes available at www.oar.org.nz/ways-of-working.

First up I discussed Charities Services’ key characteristics of effective charities so you too can be geared for success:

  • Clear purpose and direction
  • Strong governance
  • The right people for its activities
  • Sound and prudent

You can find out more at charities.govt.nz/im-a-registered-charity/running-your-charity/geared-for-success/

Have  name.xx.nz format domain name? visit anyname.nz to register your eligibility for a .nz version of your domain name by 1pm 30 March 2015

XRB reporting starts for financial years beginning in 2015. You won’t need to report until 2016 but it’s worth knowing what you’ll need to provide from the start of the year. Find out more at charities.govt.nz/im-a-registered-charity/new-reporting-standards/

Songs were Rise by PIL, Why are you being so reasonable now? by The Wedding Present and This is not a love song by PIL again!