Is Your Workplace Prepared?

Are you Prepared for the Ageing of your Workforce?

The worldwide evidence is that organisations are not prepared or positioned to respond to, let alone, benefit from the ageing of the workforce.

The demographics are stark. We are experiencing what has been called the age wave. Growth in the 55+ population, increased longevity and declining birthrates.

The impact are being felt in workplaces with

  • Skill shortages in some occupations and regions
  • The scaling back on growth plans due to labour shortages
  • Increasing costs
  • Loss of critical skill, experience and knowledge
  • Health, safety and well-being challenges
  • Four/five generational workplaces
  • Missed new business opportunities

Do you know your risks?
Do you have strategies in place?
Are you realising your opportunities?

After extensive research and development we are pleased to be launching the Ageing Workforce Review Tool.

Find out if your Workplace is Ready

The Ageing Workforce Review tool has 18 questions across 6 fields. It will take you no more than 10 minutes to complete and will generate a 15 page report based on your responses. Using a traffic light indicator for each section the report will make recommendations and suggest resources you can access.

Click here to get started. You will be taken to a registration screen. Make sure you enter the promo code “Launch” to receive your 20% discount. On confirming payment you will be taken to the tool. Complete the 18 questions and you will receive the report in your email in-box.

Find Out Now  Ageing Workforce Review Tool.