DCAFV Political debate on Familiy Violence

Rob Thomson of Dunedin Collaboration Against Family Violence would like to send a huge thank you to all the people who forwarded questions for the political debate on Family Violence which was held on the 5th of September. Over 40 questions were received but unfortunately not all were able to be asked.

A huge thanks must also go to all the participants and the Media Production Studio team for making the debate successful!

The debate clearly highlighted the differences between each political parties views on Family Violence and what they intend to do  about it in the future.

If you were unable to watch the debate live or want more information, there is a news article as well as an audio and video copy of the debate on the Families Free from Violence website. If you would like an HD copy please contact Rob Thomson, the Family Violence Response Coordinator on 0800 474 1121 (Option 5).