Yellow Pages advertising renewals

The Otago Chamber of Commerce was last year made aware of general dissatisfaction with the design of the 2011/12 Yellow Pages. Chamber members were particularly unhappy with the reduction in size of advertisements and the smaller fonts used, but also with the communications from Yellow regarding final proofs and renewal of advertising.

The Chamber suggests, if you have not already been contacted by Yellow, that you consider the following:

  • When the Chamber called Yellow, they were told “Yellow do not contact all advertisers and auto renew clauses do apply”.
  • Key dates for Yellow Pages renewals in Dunedin:
    • The close off date for new listings and for changes is 18 October
    • To downgrade or to cancel a listing the cut-off date is 28 September
    • A suggestion from Yellow is for the advertiser to request a proof to be sent at the beginning of September
    • After 28 September the advert will be renewed automatically and charged out

Contact if you need more information, or phone 0800 803 803.

If you know the contact details of your sales consultant, you can contact them directly to make changes to your advertising or to purchase any additional advertising.