Social sector trial consultation – survey of young people

With the support of the Ministry of Youth Development, a survey is now live on Survey Monkey for young people in Dunedin to complete.  It is aimed at gathering the views of young people about a range of issues relating to the Social Sector Trial.  The results will be used to help develop the Youth Action Plan.  The survey is interested in the views of any young person who wants to complete it, but especially those aged between 12 and 18 who live in the South Dunedin area.  We will be able to analyse results by the suburb in which respondents live so can do a Dunedin wide take on things but also focus in on the views from residents of the South Dunedin area.

Survey Link:

The Social Sector Trials involve the Ministries of Education, Health, Justice and Social Development, and the New Zealand Police working together to change the way that social services are delivered.