Harnessing the economic and social power of data – Key recommendations and catalyst projects


Our final recommendations paper is here

The New Zealand Data Futures Forum are delighted to share with you their final recommendations paper ‘Harnessing the economic and social power of data’.

In this paper we set out an agenda we think will significantly advance New Zealand’s ability to unlock the latent value of out data assets and position us as a world leader in the trusted and inclusive use of shared data to deliver a prosperous society.

Over the past six months, we’ve talked with New Zealander’s to better understand a range of perspectives – businesses, government, NGOs, Māori, the general public – and we’d like to thank all those who have contributed to help shape the thinking reflected in this paper.

Over to you

These recommendations are a springboard for wider conversation and action. We’ve done the thinking, now we want you to take action.

The potential for New Zealand to unlock the value of data-driven innovation and build on strong foundations of inclusion, trust and control is unlimited.

Everyone in New Zealand has a stake in the outcome of this work. business, government, Ngos, Māori and individuals, can and should be involved in keeping New Zealand moving forward.

Aim high.

Explore how you or your sector can get a catalyst project up and running and delivering economic and social benefits for New Zealand.

The following link will take you to a the full paper and a shorter slide deck version: https://www.nzdatafutures.org.nz/discussion-documents.