New community engagement resources from Charities at DIA

Charities and Creative New Zealand recently joined up to commission some independent research into relationships between the business and community sectors.

More than a thousand business organisations participated in the research, which has been used by Inspiring Communities to create resources and opportunities for charities and businesses interested in establishing or strengthening their partnerships.

The findings were released to a workshop of business, community and government participants in Wellington a couple of weeks ago .

The meeting brought together a range of organisations, including business networks, funders, local council and national community organisations – all of whom are interested in supporting effective partnerships in New Zealand.

Brendon Ward says the report has produced some valuable information about businesses’ levels of involvement and reasons for supporting charities.

“For example 90 per cent of respondents said that their business supports charities and that their support is either increasing or likely to remain constant. It also showed that more than one third of businesses surveyed want to find out how to better support community organisations.”

“And 26 per cent of businesses also said that supporting charities improved staff morale and/or productivity.”

The Report on Engagement between Business and Community Organisations provides recommendations and resources helpful for both community and business organisations.

We’ve also developed some data snapshots and “real-life” case studies, tailored to assist any charity or business who wants to begin or improve an already effective relationship with a community partner.

You can download a copy of the report via the link below, and some useful tools to get you started, or to help develop your existing relationships – feel free to share them with your networks, and with prospective community or business partners:

Community engagement resources from Charities at DIA

Source: Charities Update