Introducing the Wellbeing Game

Healthy Christchurch and the Mental Health Foundation are bringing you this year’s Wellbeing Game.

What is the Wellbeing Game?

Training for happiness

The Wellbeing Game is a ‘game for life’ – the goal is to accumulate hours of ‘happiness’.  You play in ‘real life’, keeping track of the time you invest in your wellbeing. What are the simple acts you do every day that support your wellbeing, and make you flourish?

Go to and create your profile – it only takes a couple of minutes. The Game runs until 9 November for 2012.You can play as an individual or be part of a team.

There are five easy ways to build health and wellbeing in ourselves and others.  By becoming aware of these we begin to notice how we already use these strengths every day.  Evidence shows that these simple strategies actually improve our health.

How to play

Do What You Can – Enjoy What You Do

Simply log the amount of time you spend each day on activities that relate to the ‘5 Winning Ways to Wellbeing’. Try new activities or tweak what you’re already doing to achieve more wellbeing hours and get more out of life!

The more you use them, the easier they become.  For example, going for a walk scores you Be Active hours. By taking a friend you’ll get Connect hours. Try a new route and achieve Keep Learning hours. By paying attention to the sights, sounds and sensations during your walk you can log Take Notice hours.  Take a dog and Give. Your walk is good for more than just physical health – it supports your whole wellbeing.

If you compete as part of a team your hours contribute to your team’s total. Check out the online leader board at anytime to see how your team is performing.

By clocking wellbeing hours you can also earn virtual rewards. The individual and team with the most wellbeing hours at the end of the game will win great prizes.

Embrace New Experiences – Surprise Yourself

Doing things differently and encouraging your team mates to try new things will help boost your score.  Suggest walking or cycling to a meeting, hold the meeting in a park, or do a mindfulness activity as part of the meeting. Better still, do all three!

Need inspiration? The Wellbeing Game website displays activities that others have logged as well as special achievements.


A Poster and Flyer/postcard  may be downloaded to print and share around your workplace, friends and family.

Five Winning Ways resources if different languages and Mental Health Week Awareness Posters are available to print off at

Want to know more about Taking Notice and Mindfulness? Visit: