Deprivation in New Zealand

University of Otago has published the NZDep2013 Index of Deprivation. A comprehensive study of socioeconomic deprivation across  New Zealand.

Nine variables from the 2013 census reflecting eight dimensions of deprivation are combined to create a deprivation score for each meshblock, or geographical unit, in New Zealand.

The index uses 2 scores, a number from 1 to 10 where 1 is least deprived and 10 the most deprived and another where 1000 is the average and a number below this is less deprived and a number above this is more deprived.

The numbers relate to areas, not individuals. The 10 areas covered are: communication,  Benefits, Income, Employment, Qualifications, People not living in own home , People aged <65 living in a single parent family,  Living space and People with no access to a car.

You can read the whole report as a PDF.  Current data, historical data and much more can be downloaded from the University’s website.

The NZ Herald has created a very slick interactive map from the data.