Councils must give kids' welfare the tick

With Council and District Health Board elections just around the corner, the Public Health Association (PHA) says the health and welfare of children should be a fundamental part of candidates’ election platforms.

Local government and District Health Boards have an enormous influence on the health of communities and especially children. The PHA would like to see local government and District Health Boards commit to working together more to shape the environments in which children live, grow, learn and play.

CEO Warren Lindberg says the PHA supports the Tick for Kids campaign, launched this week by Every Child Counts, and calls on Council and District Health Board candidates in the upcoming local body elections to become champions for children.

“Councils and DHBs should be routinely assessing the impact of their policies and decisions on the circumstances which determine the health and wellbeing of children, identifying areas in which they can work together to enable children to thrive.

“For example, councils and DHBs both have critical roles in ensuring all children live in warm, dry and safe housing. More investment from both local authorities and DHBs in children’s development in the early years is essential to improve health and wellbeing.”

The PHA wants to see all candidates genuinely commit to an agenda for children and strongly encourages members of the public to have their voice heard by voting in the upcoming elections.

Public Health Association media release, 19 August 2013.

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