Community Wellbeing Seminar- Navigating our Changing Landscape

Social Service and Health Not for Profit Organisations will be expected to respond to a number of changes including those brought about by the Government’s review of social services funding; the Community Investment Strategy, the implementation of Charities Services new reporting requirements, the tendering of contracts, changes to services for vulnerable children, any Government response to last year’s more effective Social Service report and an increased focus on outcomes and social investment.

To assist you in managing the changes going forward, we have arranged an afternoon of information sharing. Ministries will update you on where these changes are currently at, will offer advice on what actions organisations need to be undertaking now and into the future.

The Seminar will take place on the 7th of June 2016, at 1:00pm-4:30pm.

Venue is the Port Otago Lounge, Edgar Centre, Portsmouth Drive.

There is no cost, RSVP by 4th June to or call 03 479 0994




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