Community Law Manual now available online

The Community Law Manual sets out comprehensive legal information for everyday users. The 2012-13 edition is the first to be made freely available online.

The Community Law Manual deals with many areas of community and personal life and provides answers and solutions to common legal questions, including:

  • The New Zealand legal system
  • Human rights
  • Legal aid
  • Consumer law
  • Neighbour disputes
  • Tenancy law
  • Privacy law
  • Employment law
  • Legal issues for youth
  • Health and disability law
  • ACC
  • Family law
  • Domestic violence
  • Wills
  • Enduring powers of attorney
  • Harassment
  • Criminal proceedings
  • Police powers
  • Court fines

The Community Law Manual has always been a valuable print resource used by community, private and public sector agencies, and by individuals, to understand common legal problems and take the first steps to solving them.

Making the Community Law Manual available for free on the internet is a bold move, and Community Law says that those who buy a printed copy will effectively be contributing to making free legal information available throughout the community.

“Our goal is to create a community business model by which we can release a new and improved edition of the Manual each year, which responds directly to the community’s needs and styles of accessing information,” says Alexandra Keeble, project worker at Community Law Centres o Aotearoa.

By publishing the Community Law Manual online, Community Law is ensuring that high-quality, accessible, plain English legal information can be accessed and shared freely throughout the community.

“In the immediate future, new chapters will be written, including about Māori legal issues, legal issues for charities, a benefit rights chapter, and a chapter on immigration law. We will be releasing a Community Law Manual smartphone app, as well as improving the platform’s capacity to respond to the specific legal questions and problems of users of the Manual.”

The printed manual is available from Wellington Community Law Centre:

Source: Community Law, via Scoop