Chief Coroner’s Southern Visit – supporting documents


The Chief Coroner’s  supporting documents for his recent tour of the south can be found here.

The recap of recomendations and comments comes under these categories:

  • Adverse effects or reactions to medical/surgical care
  • Aged and infirm care
  • Care facilities (other)
  • Child deaths
  • Deaths in custody
  • Drugs, alcohol or substance abuse
  • Electrocution
  • Fall
  • Fire related
  • Mental health issues
  • Natural causes
  • Overseas deaths
  • Police pursuits or deaths in police custody
  • Product related
  • Recreational or leisure activities
  • Self inflicted
  • Sudden unexpected death in infancy (SUDI)
  • and other infant deaths
  • Transport-related
  • Water-related (general)
  • Water-related (recreational fishing or boating)
  • Work-related (agriculture)
  • Work-related (other)