Call for participants: The New Zealand Community and Voluntary Sector and women

Anecdotally, we know the Aotearoa New Zealand Community and Voluntary Sector is dominated by women, but because of a real lack of research, our sector knows very little about their experience. What we do know is that median base salaries in the Community and Voluntary Sector are, on average, 17% less than those in the general market. Does this base salary gap apply evenly to both men and women working in the sector? Is this a systemic devaluing because the work done in the Community and Voluntary Sector is seen as “women’s work”? What innovative leadership strategies are women using in a sector that must rely on creating progress in the face of very little or no resources? How have women who have made it to the top in this sector got there? This new research project will provide some understanding and statistics for Aotearoa which do not already exist.

Volunteering New Zealand is supporting Women In Leadership Aotearoa (WILA) as they work with Heathrose Research Ltd. to complete this research project. Currently, they are looking for participant organisations from across New Zealand’s Community and Voluntary Sector.

Would you or someone from your organisation like to participate in a short (under 15 minute) telephone interview? The questions will focus on gathering demographic information on leadership positions, employees, and volunteers within the sector, with a focus on the roles that women are playing, and the sorts of organisations in which they are involved.

Participants may be assured of confidentiality; their identity will not be made public, no real names will be mentioned in the final report, and all information collected will be kept in a secure place. Participants will also have the right to withdraw from the research at any time.

If you would like to participate in this project, please contact Sovaia Uluiburotu at Heathrose Research Ltd by Friday 22 February 2013. If you have any questions or would like to receive further information about the project, please do not hesitate to contact Heathrose Research