2012 Whānau Ora Research Seminar

“If we can’t demonstrate that Whānau Ora does make a difference, then we may need to reconsider” – Professor Sir Mason Durie

On 23 November, Sir Mason Durie gave the keynote address at the Whānau Ora Research Seminar, the latest seminar from Community Research. 

“We don’t want to just dream about tomorrow, we want to actually plan for it and that’s what Whānau Ora is all about.

“We probably have got to look at two sorts of measurements: A reduction in adversity, but more importantly an increase in whānau achievement.

“Did it bring any benefits? That’s a pretty new idea… We want to look at what the outcomes are.

“That’s why this seminar is so important. That’s why the website will be  so important… We are committed to the idea that this is a programme that should be judged on its outcomes.”

Watch Sir Mason’s address and presentations from the seminar

Visit the Whānau Ora website (launched 23 November 2012)