Upcoming Forum: Young People in Focus

Learning from community knowledge-building projects.

The presenters will talk about:

  • The reason for undertaking their knowledge-building exercise
  • The process used for knowledge-building
  • Ethical and other complex issues experienced
  • Key outcomes from their knowledge-building exercise


  • 12:00pm – Arrive, coffee and conversation
  • 12:30pm – Round-robin introducing ourselves and our interest in community research / knowledge-building
  • Jenny Munro and Michael Gaffney: Hearing the voices of young people in the Otago Youth Wellness Trust evaluation project
  • Open discussion on application of knowledge-building concepts

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Printable Flyer (JPEG, 3 MB)

This event will be held 18 April 2012 in the Alexander McMillan Room, Dunedin Community House, 301 Moray Place. Further details and links to add to your Outlook or Google calendars are available on the event’s calendar page.