The Dunedin Community Research Forum

Statement of Intent:
The purpose of the Dunedin Community Research Forum is to support the Community and Voluntary Sector to continue research and grow research capacity through partnerships with tertiary institutions:

  1. Make research undertaken by local tertiary institutions more accessible to the Community and Voluntary Sector in Dunedin
  2. Encourage research collaborations between both sectors
  3. Provide a place for the research undertaken by the Community and Voluntary Sector to be presented
  4. Identify local research gaps and look for potential researchers
  5. Use research based arguments to lobby government for resourcing local initiatives
  6. Attract research funding to Dunedin projects such as the Lottery Grants Community Research Fund

The overall philosopy for this forum is one of where there ar no single solutions, no experts and where everything is up for debate. Research interests may cover a range of levels including practice based, applied and theoretical and can be from a particular discipline or multi-disciplinary.

Co-ordinganing group: Jenny Aimers (Otago Polytechnic), Bronwyn Boone (Otago University), John Crawford-Smith (Methodist Mission), Margy-Jean Malcolm (The Tangata Whenua, Community and Voluntary Sector Research Centre), Sue Russell (COSS Dunedin), Peter Walker (Otago University) with the support of Dave Henderson, ANGOA.

Wednesday 28th June
Introduction to ANGOA – Dave Henderson
Integrating Research Practice

  • Megan Weir (Master of Social Work) “governance @ the Youth Wellness Centre”
  • Mel McNatty & Jan Hudson (Community workers) “North East Valley project”
  • Dr Pat Shannon & Dr Peter Walker (University of Otago) “Partnerships and Control”
  • Jenny Aimers (Otago Polytechnic) & Dr Peter Walker (University of Otago) “Community Development as ‘Knowledge Intersections’ In Contemporary New Zealand”

The forum was facilitated by Dave Henderson, ANGOA

Wednesday 15th September
Recent Research relating to Older Adults

  • Dr Debra Walters (Senior lecturer, Department of Preventative & Social Medicine, University of Otago) “Working together for better community outcomes”
  • Assoc Prof Leigh Hale (Assoc Dean of Research, Centre for Physiotherapy Research, University of Otago) “It woke up and got me going”
  • Beatrice Hale (Independent researcher) “Social value: peer researchers”

The forum was facilitation by Sue Russell, COSS Dunedin

Friday 1st April
A discussion/conversation about community research, involving all the participants at the forum, that was organised around three key questions:

  1. What is research (what does the term research mean to you? What isn’t research? Why do research? What part does research play in your everyday practice?);
  2. What is your experience of research to date (What sort of research are you currently/have been involved in over the last 5 years? How would you describe the experience? What was the value of that research process? Were there any particular difficulties or challenges you faced in doing this research?);
  3. What sorts of things are important for you/your organisation to research now/in future? (What are you interested in finding out?).

The discussion was facilitated by Dr Bronwyn Boon (Department of Management, University of Otago)

Wednesday 20th July
A workshop on ethics for community & voluntary sector research that included presentations from:

  • Dr Linda Wilson (Chair of the Otago Polytechnic Research Ethics Committee) “An introduction to ethics in research”;
  • Gillian Bremner (Cheif executive of Presbyterian Support Otago) discussed the operation of the PSO research ethics and advisory board process;
  • Jan Hinde, Margy-Jean Malcolm, Pania Coote and Dr Bronwyn Boon spoke to The Code of Practice for Community Research document developed by the Community Research Centre (a copy of this Code of Practice is available, see ).
  • Martin Tolich – from the Socioloy, Gender and Social Work Dept at Otago outlined his proposal to initiatiate a nationwide ethics committee (the New Zealand Ethics Committee) to allow community researches a forum to discuss and seek ethical approval for their projects

The forum was facilitated by Dr Peter Walker (Sociology, Gender and Social Work, University of Otago).