Call Over Vulnerable Children

7 March 2012

From the Otago Daily Times, 5 March 2012:

More action is needed to counter social inequality and poverty if New Zealand’s “vulnerable children” are to thrive and achieve, the University of Otago’s Prof Mark Henaghan says.

Prof Henaghan, who is dean of the university law faculty and a specialist on laws protecting children, was one of four participants in a recent university “Public Square” panel discussion focusing on “How can every child thrive, belong and achieve?”

The panel considered responses to the Government’s recently issued green paper on “vulnerable children”, and was chaired by Prof Andrew Bradstock, director of the university’s Centre for Theology and Public Issues.

Prof Henaghan said research had clearly highlighted the adverse effects of poverty and social inequality and emphasised that governments had a crucial role in supporting children and their families.

He was concerned the green paper talked about making “difficult choices”, to potentially support some people but at the possible expense of others. New Zealand should not be making such choices – “every child should be valued”, he said.

The full story is available on the Otago Daily Times website.

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