Office spaces to rent


Diabetes Otago are looking for like-minded tenants to work alongside them:

Prime Location – Close to Hospital

• Two to three individual office spaces available for lease.

• Offering approx 15.5m2, 20.9m2 & 18.4m2

• Can be leased together or separately

• Shared use of amenities

• $200 per m2 + GST (includes rates, insurance & power)

All enquiries to Diabetes NZ Otago Branch

Phone 474 0240 – Office Hours 10am – 2pm Monday to Friday


UPDATED Transport survey: What are your experiences of using buses and trains

The Ministry of Transport, NZ Transport Agency, Disabled Persons Assembly NZ and People First are interested in hearing your views on using buses and trains.

They are interested in finding out how accessible information on buses and trains is and of course how accessible the buses and trains themselves are.

Download the survey for printing below or call in at Dunedin Community House to pick up a paper copy.

Survey as printable PDF

Survey as printable Easy Read PDF

The surveys can be returned to reception at Dunedin Community House, where can scan them for forwarding to:
or you can post it to
Kevin Eames
Ministry of Transport
PO Box 3175

The deadline for responses is Friday 10 April 2015. 

Aotearoa New Zealand at a glance 2015

two childern at the beach on a sunny day, with the words New Zealand in profile 2015

New Zealand’s population is younger and growing faster than those of the biggest visitors to our shores, according to Statistics New Zealand’s latest yearly review of the country.

The just-released New Zealand in Profile: 2015 shows our population is growing at 1.52 percent a year. That’s faster than Australia, China, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany, which are the top five countries for people visiting New Zealand.

Of those, Australia had the next fastest-growing population at 1.09 percent a year, while Germany’s is declining at a rate of 0.18 percent.

Other highlights show that while an average white loaf of bread costs the same today as five years ago at $1.80, a 400ml glass of beer’s gone up from $4.78 to $5.87 in the same time.

New Zealand in Profile offers a picture of life in Aotearoa and is useful for people looking to learn more about the country. It has an overview of New Zealand’s people, economy, and government.

“We know people looking at moving to New Zealand want to know about the cost of housing and basic essentials, how much they might earn, and what the main industries are. We also know that for people who already live here, it’s useful to have a one-off snapshot of statistics about the country,” Deputy Government Statistician Colin Lynch said.

“And while the consumers price index provides important information for big business decisions, at a personal level it’s just interesting to know that a piece of fish and a scoop of chips is 59 cents more expensive than five years ago.”

New Zealand in Profile is available in English and in te reo Māori. It is produced with support from Te Ara – The Encyclopedia of New Zealand.

Read New Zealand in Profile: 2015 online, or get it from libraries, schools, or other public places. You can also order printed copies online, request it by email from, or call 0508 525 525.

Just Cook community kits 2015

"Just cook" with chefs hat and spoon

The kits are designed to enable community workers to promote the benefits of home cooking in a way that best suits their community.  Kits include: a grocery voucher, recipes, spot prizes and products from our partners.  Community events / programmes  have included:

  • cooking classes
  • cooking demonstrations
  • competitions
  • shared meals
  • pop-up restaurant (run by teenagers)

For more details about JUST COOK activities visit their website.

JUST COOK kits are available for health workers – there will be a limited amount to go around the country so please register your interest with Christine Quested ( from the Southern District Health Board who will co-ordinate the applications and distribution of the kits.


Can we cure Type 2 Diabetes?

Title from lecture poster: is type 2 diabetes preventable, curable, or both?

Professor Mike Lean will give a public talk in Dunedin this month about type 2 diabetes. Professor Lean holds the chair of Human Nutrition, based at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary, where he is also a consultant physician. In 2014 he was one of only 19 Scottish researchers in the top 1% for international citations, on the Thomson-Reuters ‘Highly Cited’ Researcher listing.

Come and hear this highly regarded nutrition specialist speak about the Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial (DiRECT), the biggest research study ever funded by Diabetes UK, which aims to reverse the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes using a non-surgical weight management programme.

Abstract: Type 2 diabetes is increasing rapidly, world-wide, with the rise in overweight and obesity. It remains a devastating progressive disease, with 6-10 years reduced life expectancy, despite the application of modern clinical guidelines and multiple drug treatments. The only intervention with potential to interrupt the disease process is major weight loss (over 15kg for most) with physical activity if possible. This has been proved using bariatric surgery, which has its own complications and is costly and unacceptable to many patients. The Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial (DiRECT), the biggest research study ever funded by Diabetes UK, is evaluating an evidence-based structured non-surgical weight management programme with a view to reversing the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. If it proves acceptable, effective, and cost-effective, this might shift the current pharmaceutical treatment paradigm, to become the primary management strategy for Type 2 diabetes.

More information from the University of Otago.

Download the poster here.

BASE South Dunedin youth one year report

Words in boxes, summarising the achievements of Base in its first year

We proud to support the work being done as part of BASE.

Here are the highlights from the initiatives first year:

Words in boxes, summarising the achievements of Base in its first year


  • 6 teen parents supported to stay in education
  • Multi Agency Group established to reduce alcohol and drug use
  • Malcam Trust Wilkie Rd mural
  • IT Trade Expo for Social Service Providers
  • Stay Healthy Stay Safe Police presentation to 275 young people aged 16-18
  • BASE Camp 51 young jobseekers participated in a program to get physically fit and work ready.
  • BASE facebook page
  • Think Differently Fund Supported Disabled Persons Assembly to secure funding for 3 workshops in 2015 to promote positive social change for people with disabilities.
  • SUBMITTED on the DCC’s Local Alcohol Plan Gathering support for a Youth Employment Hub to be established in South Dunedin.
  • 22 young job seekers to attend Balclutha’s Ready, Steady, Work program
  • Gathering support for a Youth Employment Hub to be established in South Dunedin
  • Workshop on supporting Young People leaving Care and Protection
  • Social workers supporting 17 FAMILIES to keep kids in education
  • 20 articles in our monthly column Bringing up Teens in The STAR ★
  • Supported development of Just One Punch A teaching resource for NZ Police to reduce alcohol related violence.
  • Working with Dunedin Collaboration Against Family Violence to gain funding for a community ANTI-BULLYING PROJECT
  • BASE website
  • Inter-agency collaboration for smoother transition from Youth Justice to Probation
  • 11 volunteers training as MAORI WARDENS to support Whanau and Rangitahi
  • 11 participants and 12 volunteer coaches in the Aspire Program: After school program for Year 8 students. Mentoring, tutoring and experiencing a range of opportunities at Otago University
  • Southern PHO ran 3 Alcohol Risk Reduction Workshops attended by over 50 professionals who work with young people
  • 5 government agencies working to-gether with local organisations to help young people aged 12-18:
    • stay in school
    • reduce alcohol & drug use
    • reduce offending
    • move into work or further training
  • Extended Wrap-AROUND service for Youth leaving ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION

See their full report below:

Ways of Working- Low cost computing

9 February 2015

This week Rob talked rather hoarsely about cutting NFP computing costs by:

  • Using Ubuntu as your OS for free
  • Buying Microsoft Office or WIndows through for discounts that can be more than 90%
  • Re-invigorating old computers with an SSD (a fast hard drive) or a low resource OS like Lubuntu – adding memory can improve speeds too.
  • Using a free Office suite like LibreOffice or WPS Office
  • Buying refurbished PCs rather than new ones – Techsoup is a good place to visit for this too.
  • Making sure you are in charge of your website and that your annual hosting bill is under $200

Music was Norwegian Wood (This Bird has Flown) by Cornershop, Speeding Motorcycle by Yo La Tengo, Wilco (The Song) by Wilco and more Yo La Tengo with Can’t Forget.

Listen again at




XRB has published guidance on the new charity reporting requirements

The new FAQ at deals with questions that were raised at the meetings held last year around the country.

If you are confused about first steps – check out point 1 and decide what Tier you are in. You can then find out what the requirements are for you. Until you know what Tier you are in it can appear mighty confusing.

If you are still confused after checking the FAQ call us here at COSSD on 03 471 6177 and we’ll do what we can to help.


November 2014 Workshop: Resilience Building Initiatives

In November last year we put on a free workshop on Resilience for NGO’s. It was run by an group aptly named Resilient Organisations. They are a collaboration between top New Zealand research universities, particularly the University of Canterbury and the University of Auckland.  We are funded by the Natural Hazards Research Platform and supported by a diverse group of industry partners and advisors.

The notes from the workshop are free to download below:

Dunedin community xmas dinner

The Dunedin Council of Social Services is proud to have helped bring together such a heart warming event.

Interior of dunedin town hall amphitheatre, 30+ circular tables arranged on the floor, people milling around to take their places
Some of the 53 tales starting to fill up


This from Grant Hardy and the team at Acts of Kindness Charitable Trust:

“We are delighted  to advise that the Acts of Kindness Charitable Trust inaugural Christmas Dinner held at the Dunedin Town Hall was a great success.  We are extremely grateful to the organisations, businesses and individuals in our Community who partnered with us by either donating product, finances or time.    Without these donations we would have been unable to run the event to the high calibre that it was.  Thank you

  • ​Donations of product and finances provided met all costs
  • Over 100 awesome volunteers helped make the event the success it was
  • Feedback forms were available at the event and we received very positive support. We were particularly moved by some of the responses regarding the needs that were met
  • The Town Hall was an absolutely fantastic venue and we are grateful to the Dunedin City Council and Dunedin Venue’s for making it available at no cost
  • The atmosphere was happy, enjoyable and festive
  • Plenty of fantastic food  for all guests and volunteers attending
  • We received an abundance of donated new children’s toys which were given away to the delight of the children attending
  • Apart from spot prizes, all guests & volunteers received a small gift to take home
Looking down on wooden floor full of 20+ circular tables , people around each table an d servers delivering meals
Xmas dinner is served

We will soon be starting to plan the 2015 Christmas Dinner, if you have any suggestions we would welcome them.

Thank you so much for contributing and we wish you a successful 2015.”