Ways of Working- Low cost computing

9 February 2015

This week Rob talked rather hoarsely about cutting NFP computing costs by:

  • Using Ubuntu as your OS for free
  • Buying Microsoft Office or WIndows through techsoup.org.nz for discounts that can be more than 90%
  • Re-invigorating old computers with an SSD (a fast hard drive) or a low resource OS like Lubuntu – adding memory can improve speeds too.
  • Using a free Office suite like LibreOffice or WPS Office
  • Buying refurbished PCs rather than new ones – Techsoup is a good place to visit for this too.
  • Making sure you are in charge of your website and that your annual hosting bill is under $200

Music was Norwegian Wood (This Bird has Flown) by Cornershop, Speeding Motorcycle by Yo La Tengo, Wilco (The Song) by Wilco and more Yo La Tengo with Can’t Forget.

Listen again at www.oar.org.nz/podcasts




Caversham Community Group Organise Treasure Hunt

On Sunday the 5th of October, Caversham Community Group is holding a Caversham Community Treasure Hunt from 12-4pm and invites you to come along. Registrations are at 12pm and the Prize Giving will be at 3:30pm.

What is Caversham Community Treasure Hunt you ask. The treasure hunt is a free community event where people will search along a series of trails exploring the “treasures” which their local community has to offer. Along the journey there will be activity stations highlighting the community treasures before returning to the local park for a family picnic with music and prizes to celebrate the people and places that make Caversham a great community.

Caversham Community Group chose a treasure hunt as a way to have fun with the community, in the community. A treasure hunt is the best way to showcase the local treasures whether it is nature, culture or people. It is a great opportunity for local organisations and groups, to be seen by the people in the community, to network and to socialise.  There is a hope to build community resilience and develop a greater understanding of who is who in the community and what these people do.

So how can you be involved? Caversham Community Group is looking for station holders for their interactive activities at the picnic after the event. This is a great way to promote your organisation and build a relationship with the people in the community. They are also looking for donated prizes or vouchers, volunteer labour and teams to take part and have FUN. If this sounds like you or people you know then please spread the word.

For more information or contact details, please see our calendar.

Caversham Community Treasure Hunt Poster 05 Oct 2014

DCAFV Political debate on Familiy Violence

Rob Thomson of Dunedin Collaboration Against Family Violence would like to send a huge thank you to all the people who forwarded questions for the political debate on Family Violence which was held on the 5th of September. Over 40 questions were received but unfortunately not all were able to be asked.

A huge thanks must also go to all the participants and the Media Production Studio team for making the debate successful!

The debate clearly highlighted the differences between each political parties views on Family Violence and what they intend to do  about it in the future.

If you were unable to watch the debate live or want more information, there is a news article as well as an audio and video copy of the debate on the Families Free from Violence website. If you would like an HD copy please contact Rob Thomson, the Family Violence Response Coordinator on 0800 474 1121 (Option 5).

Help us by filling out the 3 minute survey about outcome measurement

outcomeI am a third year student at the Otago Polytechnic and I am on an internship with the Council of Social Services Dunedin. The survey is a part of my research project with the topic “outcome measurement in non-profit organizations”. It would be great if you could participate. It takes just 3 minutes and it would help me a lot.

In order to keep the survey confidentially, you are able to leave out your organizations name and email address.

Thank you!

Kind regards,
Juliane Janzen

Online until 05.10.2014

DCAFV’s Political Debate on Family Violence

Family Violence is current and huge problem in our community.

Dunedin Collaboration Against Family Violence is extremely happy to announce the upcoming political debate on Family Violence. This will be chaired by Professor Nicola Atwool from the University of Otago on the 5th of September, 6 till 7:30pm.

You are invited to watch this political debate where representatives of four major parties will discuss how they propose to challenge family violence in our community.

Representatives include: Claire Curran (Labour), Jacqui Dean (National), Jan Logie (Greens) and Tracey Martin (New Zealand First)

The discussion will be live-streamed so that it can be watched from your own home, and a copy of the recording will be available to download after the event. Details about how you can do this can be found at the new Families Free From Violence website under News or by following this link: http://familiesfreefromviolence.org.nz/blog

To enable as many people as possible to participate in the debate, DCAFV are seeking questions that Rob Thomson will collate and have put to the panel.  Please send questions to Rob by Wednesday 3rd September at the latest so that the panel members are able to consider their answers before the discussion. These details can be found on the Council of Social Services calendar.