Cosy Homes Annual Report 2016

Cosy Homes Trust has published their annual report – a useful summary of what they’ve been up to as well as their finances. You can read it below.


Changes to Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes Insulation Scheme

The Government’s subsidised insulation scheme has changed as of 1 July 2016.
The programme is now called Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes Rental. It will sunset on 30 June 2018.
The number of subsidies allocated to Dunedin/Otago will be announced by the Government on or around 1 September 2016, though some subsidies have been awarded for July and August to ensure there is no disruption in service. It is expected the subsidies will be claimed well before the 30 June 2018 end date. This is a first-come, first-served programme for those who qualify.
The programme now applies only to tenanted properties in which the main tenant has a Community Services Card (and the property was built before 2000). This qualifies landlords for a 50% subsidy for ceiling and underfloor insulation from government and local funders (Otago Community Trust, Dunedin City Council and Cosy Homes). The landlord pays the remaining 50%. There is no cost to the tenant.
There are two approved installers for this programme in Otago:
Technobond: 03 476 4221 or 0800 55 88 22
Smart Energy Solutions: 03 455 6521 or 0800 888 766
Interested tenants or landlords can contact the installers directly, or contact Cosy Homes for a referral or with questions.
This programme no longer applies to owner-occupied homes, and at this time there are no free or subsidised programmes available. Cosy Homes is working on a solution alongside local partners.
For owner-occupiers within the Dunedin City boundaries, or for Dunedin rental property owners who don’t have the cash to pay for the remaining 50% of the subsidised programme, they can access the Council’s “Warm Dunedin” programme, which allows rates payers to spread the cost of insulation and/or clean heating appliances (log burner, pellet fire, heat pump) across their rates for 10 years, up to $5000. More information about Warm Dunedin can be found here:
Repayments would likely be between $30 and $61/month added to the property’s rates, depending on how much funding is needed to complete the desired work. Property owners must use an approved installer under this programme; a list of approved installers can be found at the link above. Restrictions do apply. A similar programme is also being launched in Clutha District in the coming months.
For any questions about the government’s insulation scheme, or about Warm Dunedin or other warm homes/healthy homes work, please contact the Cosy Homes Project Manager at: or by text/phone at 021 999 395. Emails are preferred.

Cosy Homes: Update and Request for Proposals


Our vision: Every Home in Dunedin is Warm and Cosy by 2025

It has now been over a year since the successful Cosy Homes Symposium.  This is a brief update to let you know where we are up to.  The steering group formed at the symposium has met on numerous occasions and achieved a number of tasks outlined below.

Operational Models

We have had Skype interviews with both: Phil Squires, CEO of the Sustainability Trust, Wellington; and Chris Farrelly, Chair of Healthy Homes Tai Tokerau, CEO of Manaia Health PHO, Northland.  Both of these organisations are working towards similar goals but using two very different models.  They have given the steering group significant insight and the discussion on possible models continues.

As a result of the Skype interview and with the financial support of EECA, both Chris Farrelly and Robert Linterman EECA came to Dunedin in March 2014, to further the conversation and promote the concept to some key organisations.  This resulted in the formation of the Governance Group.

Governance Group

A Governance Group has been formed with members from; Dunedin City Council, Otago Regional Council, Southern District Health Board, Presbyterian Support Otago, Blueskin Resilience Community Trust, Council of Social Services Otago, ACC, Otago Property Investors Ass., Ministry of Social Development, Housing NZ, University of Otago, Anglican Family Care and Energy Matters.  There has been robust discussion as to the final structure of this group with a possible model of a smaller governance group and a larger reference/advisory/implementation group.  The establishment of a Trust, which will act as the conduit for funding, has been considered and a draft deed is currently being worked on.

Future Work

Considerable work has gone into developing the bones of documents for the trust.  The governance group has acquired funding from the DCC, ORC and EECA to seek Request for Proposals (below) to complete the following work.


  • Marketing plan with key actions, target dates and responsible parties
  • Work Plan with key actions, target dates and responsible parties.
  • Funding plan with key actions, target dates and responsible parties.  This plan will also detail the Trust’s handling of money and audit processes, and will be informed by potential funders, sponsors and central and local government budget processes.
  • Development of a draft job description for a Cosy Homes coordinator / CEO
  • Complete final draft of strategic documents

Please ensure that this information is passed onto those who may have an interest in the work.

Home insulation

With the support of EECA, Otago Community Trust and the DCC there was in excess of 500 houses insulated last year at no cost to the owner or landlord.  Alongside this there was the DCC rates scheme and the usual EECA subsidised work.  This financial year we aim to insulate 1200 house for those who have a community services card and are high users of the health system.

Cosy Homes is a real team effort; the basis of this is the work that came out of the Cosy Home Symposium which captured the thinking of so many of you.  We will keep you informed as we progress.

Cosy Homes: Free ceiling and under floor insulation

Free ceiling and under floor insulation is available for Community Services Card holders in homes with no or not enough insulation. Crucially this includes rented homes. To qualify for the scheme:

  • the home was built before the year 2000 and
  • have not enough or no insulation and
  • the home owner or main tenant has a Community Services Card and
  • there are children under 17 or adults over 65 living in the home or someone with high health needs or;
  • the landlord has eligible tenants living there (not Housing New Zealand)

Funding comes from EECA energy wise. To sign up simply call one of the installation partners:

Right House Ltd: 0800 744 569

Smart Energy Solutions: 0800 888 766

Cosy Homes


Cosy Homes Workshop Report

In October DCC, Presbyterian Support Otago, Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust and Otago Community Trust brought together interested parties for a day of developing an initiative to meet the objective of every Dunedin home being warm and cosy by 2025.

The day was a great success with a variety of ideas being tabled and consensus being reached on a suitable way forward. $10,000 to get the ball rolling was offered by EECA (and enthusiastically accepted).

A summary of the day and the agreed actions has been issued. It is well worth a read. And it is well worth considering how you can work with the group to deliver this much needed goal.

You can download the report as a PDF it in two parts below:

Cosy Homes Workshop – Summary Report

Cosy Homes Workshop – Summary Report Appendices