Seminar on using tablets and phones securely

Balancing the need for easy access with the need for security can be a tricky task. EVen more so when you arm staff with smartphones and tablets.  But there are ways to reduce risk whilst maintaining security.

Otago Chamber of Commerce hosts monthly tech sessions. An this month they are covering “Secure Device Managers. A discussion on the risks your business may face when using smartphones in the working environment, and solutions to mitigate the risks, track devices, and secure your data. Relevant for the single device of a small business to large organisations operating thousands of devices.”

That sounds like it could be very useful to nonprofits delivering services in the field.

The session is on 29 April 2016 11:00am to noon at  Otago Chamber of Commerce, Level 3, 442 Moray Place, Dunedin

It’s delivered Ajay Kumar a resident tech expert from Vodafone hosts monthly tech talks to help our members keep up with the latest apps, upgrades and uses for our mobile technology.

Full details are on the OCC website.

Planning to Win: A Free Online Guide For Nonprofit Campaign Planning

Steps to success: stage one - defining the victory. Stage 2: evaluating the campaign climate. Stage 3: charting your course. Stage 4: choosing your influence strategy. Stage 5: messaging for impact. Stage 6: managing the campaign.

Planning to Win is an online guide for nonprofits that are looking to win support for an issue, impact policy, or get a corporation or government body to change its policies. Spitfire developed this upgraded version of its first campaign planning tool because of the many new factors affecting what it takes to design and run winning campaigns in today’s rapidly changing world. The site and toolkit was created through a partnership and support of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and input from campaign experts.

Planning to Win framework organizes the process of campaign planning into six stages. The tool walks you through a series of questions that will help you make effective campaign strategy decisions each step of the way. It is filled with lots of examples and practical advice. A successful campaign strategy lays down the basics and then adds more details and nuances. This framework leads you through a logical decision-making chain where each step and decision builds upon the next.


IT for good: learn local, think global talk, 17 July 2014

Stephen Blyth

cartoon-small1Stephen Blyth presented to a note scribbling audience here at Dunedin Community House last week. He has now posted the presentation online along with links:

Whether you were there or not there are links galore and learning to be had.

Stephen is also featured on Sustainable Lens on OAR F tonight at 7pm.

If anyone is interested in helping get net2 up and running in Dunedin please email Rob to let him know.