Dunedin community xmas dinner

The Dunedin Council of Social Services is proud to have helped bring together such a heart warming event.

Interior of dunedin town hall amphitheatre, 30+ circular tables arranged on the floor, people milling around to take their places
Some of the 53 tales starting to fill up


This from Grant Hardy and the team at Acts of Kindness Charitable Trust:

“We are delighted  to advise that the Acts of Kindness Charitable Trust inaugural Christmas Dinner held at the Dunedin Town Hall was a great success.  We are extremely grateful to the organisations, businesses and individuals in our Community who partnered with us by either donating product, finances or time.    Without these donations we would have been unable to run the event to the high calibre that it was.  Thank you

  • ​Donations of product and finances provided met all costs
  • Over 100 awesome volunteers helped make the event the success it was
  • Feedback forms were available at the event and we received very positive support. We were particularly moved by some of the responses regarding the needs that were met
  • The Town Hall was an absolutely fantastic venue and we are grateful to the Dunedin City Council and Dunedin Venue’s for making it available at no cost
  • The atmosphere was happy, enjoyable and festive
  • Plenty of fantastic food  for all guests and volunteers attending
  • We received an abundance of donated new children’s toys which were given away to the delight of the children attending
  • Apart from spot prizes, all guests & volunteers received a small gift to take home
Looking down on wooden floor full of 20+ circular tables , people around each table an d servers delivering meals
Xmas dinner is served

We will soon be starting to plan the 2015 Christmas Dinner, if you have any suggestions we would welcome them.

Thank you so much for contributing and we wish you a successful 2015.”