Rugby World Cup 2011 volunteering research available online

New Zealand’s largest volunteer base continues to be in the sports and leisure sector. The 2011 Rugby World Cup proved to be New Zealand’s largest organised volunteer programme.

The research team investigating the RWC 2011 volunteering experience is headed by Dr Karen Smith, Senior Lecturer in Tourism Management at Victoria University of Wellington and Volunteering New Zealand board member.

The independent study, funded by a Sport New Zealand research grant, surveyed volunteers before and immediately after the tournament, and is following-up with them six and 12 months later.

Most research on event volunteering only asks volunteers what they think at the time of the event. The team at Victoria University of Wellington are interested in how reasons for volunteering, expectations and experiences may change over time. They also want to understand more about the legacy of events and the impact on volunteering and sport participation. The research has found there could be growth in volunteering with rugby clubs and major events.

The results will help major event organisers to plan the best possible experience for volunteers, as well as maximising the legacy of event volunteering.

We encourage you to read the results so far online here:

Source: Volunteering New Zealand