COSSD Executive Committee announcement: Resignation of the Executive Officer

On behalf of the Executive Committee of Council of Social Services (Dunedin), I am delighted but saddened to announce news of Executive Officer Sue Russell’s resignation.

We are delighted for Sue that she will be moving on to an excellent role running Community Waitakere, where her skills, knowledge and passion for our sector and its people will greatly enhance their operation and community.

This of course will leave a huge hole within COSSD and our people, stakeholders, members and society, which we will be trying our best to fill in the New Year. Sue’s ability to communicate with so many of you regarding our communities’ needs and wants, local and central government, has made COSSD the force that it is today and is going to be in the future – due to all that Sue has built on and put in place.

We wish Sue well, we want her back whenever possible, and we look forward to seeing the positive reports and growth of the Waitakere Community.

Again our thanks Sue for six years of outstanding service and our best wishes.

Derek King
Chair, Council of Social Services (Dunedin)

Message from Sue Russell

It is with mixed feelings that I announce my departure from COSSD and Dunedin. I have built many professional and personal relationships with some very special people in Dunedin and hope that those relationships can continue into another phase of my life. Dunedin is a very special place for me with strong family ties going back generations. I have been privileged to raise my son and work in such a unique place and hope that I have had some positive impact on the community just as it has had on me.

However, I am moving onto another phase in my life as I have been offered and accepted the position of Chief Executive of Community Waitakere – a COSS in Auckland. I am excited about this role and living in a very diverse and dynamic community.

I finish at COSSD on 18 January 2013 and will be taking up the new position on 11 February 2013. I hope that many of you will stay in touch and that our paths will continue to cross. Feel free to contact me if ever you are in Auckland.

Sue Russell
Executive Officer, Council of Social Services (Dunedin)