Not-for-profit sector statistics

The latest NZCOSS newsletter includes the following statistics from Stewart Robinson of Dunedin:

The not-for-profit sector is New Zealand’s largest industry, as the very functionality of our communities relies on Kiwis getting out there and doing what has to be done – and all for nothing.

Not-for-profits “employ” over 1.1 million New Zealanders each year. One hundred thousand are in paid positions, some full-time but many part-time to fit in with tight budgets. The rest, one million of us, are volunteers giving up 270 million hours of unpaid labour to 97,000 separate organisations. Every minute of every day, someone, somewhere will be sizzling a sausage, driving a cancer patient to outpatients, or fighting a fire – the scope of the need is endless.

Including the value of this voluntary work, not-for-profits turn over $6.95 billion per annum which is 4.9% of GDP.

The structure of many not-for-profits are clubs, and there are reportedly more clubs in NZ (pro-rata) than any other country in the world.

Source: NZCOSS Spring 2012 Newsletter