Invitation to community sector seminar on social bonds

ANGOA, the Association of NGO’s of Aotearoa, is pleased to announce a series of seminars looking at the Ministry of Health and Treasury’s current exploration of social bonds. Social Bonds are about new and innovative ways of funding that move beyond traditional grants and contracts.

Ministry of Health and Treasury are currently exploring what types of social bond mechanisms the government may like to consider for the New Zealand context. This work builds on the various initiatives already underway overseas. By June 2013 a report will be prepared for Cabinet outlining what social bond mechanisms could be suited to the New Zealand market.

The Social Bond seminar, bought to you by ANGOA, the Ministry of Health and the Treasury, gives you an opportunity to learn more about social bonds, hear from the Ministry of Health and the Treasury what is currently being considered, ask questions and give your feedback.

The seminar is designed for community organisations who are interested in understanding and exploring social bonds.

Dunedin Seminar:  Friday 8 March, 9 to 11.30am.

Registration is essential as places will be limited. If you wish to learn more then contact Megan Thomas at