Dunedin City Council Gambling Policy Review 2013

Have your say on Dunedin City Council’s policy on pokie machines. You will have a chance to tell the Council what you think about pokies in Dunedin.

The Problem Gambling Foundation encourages you to have your say about the number of pokies and venues in Dunedin. There are 523 pokies in 42 venues in Dunedin.
The current policy is ‘open’ – no limits on venues or the number of pokie machines, but a ban on establishing them in residential or recreational areas except for organised sporting purposes.

What is a ‘sinking lid’?

A sinking lid policy means no new licenses for pokie machines can be issued, and pokie machines cannot be transferred to a new pub or owner if the venue closes. It is a way to gradually reduce
the destructive harm caused by pokies, the most harmful form of gambling.

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Written submissions are open and will close on Friday 10 May.

Dunedin sinking lid fact sheet

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Dunedin Submission Postcard