Digital Journey: a simple way to assess your organisation's technology use

The Digital Office in Dunedin this week launched a new online tool called Digital Journey.

It’s a simple assessment tool that takes you through some key questions about how your organisation uses technology and then gives some suggestions about how you can improve things.

There are about three questions about sales that aren’t so relevant for NonProfits but might prompt some thinking regardless. The whole process takes about ten minutes.

We tried it here at COSSD Towers and found some really useful advice and importantly it tells you why it would helpful – it even gets turned into a handy PDF for sharing.

Why not give it ago and see what areas it suggests improving for you? It’s completely free and many of the tools it suggests using are free too.

There are loads of resources on the site too – so even if you already know the action you need to take you might find some useful info. We’re always happy to talk to our members and others about how we can help with your technology and online resources so if you feel out of your depth just pick up the phone, dial 03 471 6177 and ask for Rob.