Animals and Social Work: New Paper at the University of Otago

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There is a new interdisciplinary postgraduate paper being offered at the University of Otago in the second semester of this year: SOWK 522 Animals and Social Work. The paper will be taught by distance and as such would be an ideal professional development opportunity for anyone interested in the human-animal connection in the human services or caring professions. This paper contributes to a Master of Social Work degree but can also be studied as a stand-alone paper outside of this qualification with special admission from the Department Head.

The paper covers:

  • The inclusion of domestic animals in family assessments and their role within the ecological model
  • Violence towards animals as a precursor and indicator of violence towards humans
  • Animal assisted interventions and their efficacy in the helping professions
  • Discussion on animal ethics, animals within legislation and challenges the use of animals pose for the social work and other caring professions

See the distance prospectus for enrollment information:

And this listing on the Otago University website for more information about the paper: