About us

Who we are

Connect South was established in 1979, and has evolved continuously since then. Based at 481 Andersons Bay Road Dunedin. Connect South has an ongoing relationship with more than 135 member organisations and over 500 local community groups.

The Board consists of nine members. These are currently:

Graeme Sykes: Chairman
John Nelson: Treasurer
Joan Sinclair: Secretary
Barney Cooper: Member
Craig Ashton: Member
Rachel Elder: DCC appointed Member
Susan Davidson: Member

What we do


Strong communities with effective NonProfits that are well resourced, solidly supported, recognised and connected.


To support community groups to flourish and achieve their objectives


To be a valued resource for the Dunedin community by:

  • Coordinating resources, information and support that strengthens community groups and communities
  • Communicating with community groups, sharing information and creating networking and training opportunities
  • Promoting the vital role that community groups play and promoting the concerns of these groups and the communities they serve
  • Supporting through guidance, advice and collaboration
  • Providing cost effective services including mentoring, book-keeping, payroll, marketing, IT and insurance
  • Ensuring Connect South is a sustainable, charitable organisation that delivers effectively on its objectives

Annual reports


Charity status

Connect South is a registered charity, number CC35292.